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Is Persu Mobility still in business ?

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    Originally posted by Mike kZ View Post
    Cool! But how was that going to be a 2 seater? Looks like all the mechanicals are right behind the driver.
    That 'stuff' is just the 'telemetry' and test gear; here is a picture of the inside.
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      Ah, it looks like the rear seat sits higher


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        RDC had it right I think if we got everybody from the club or just basic people investing.i know I'd be one people writing a check thousand bucks no problem give me some shares we can make this company work


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          To End This Thread:

          This thread went off topic and died years ago. To answer the question in the title, Persu Mobility dissolved back in 2009, during the beginning of the great recession. Sad but true. Bad timing for obtaining more investment capital. So THE ANSWER IS NO.

          That vehicle design however did NOT die

          I know for a fact that the design work on the vehicle went on unabated, the next month, and continued. I know the whole history. That vehicle will be presented here at Fly The Road Club for all to see. That with be a whole new forum section, with the opportunity for lots of new threads.
          Afterburner ON!